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General MyWebReporting questions:
  • Who may access the site "MyWebReporting"?

"MyWebReporting" is available for all cardholders holding a Corporate Card issued by AirPlus International SA/NV and for Managers of companies using our services for Corporate Cards.

  • What is available on the site?

On MyWebReporting, you can see your current balance, your last transactions done after closure and retrieve copy of your previous statements. This site is for consultation only. Online modifications are not yet allowed. Depending on the type of program, full or partial reporting may also be available for Card Managers.

  • Do we have to pay to access the site?

The site is free of charge.

  • How long are the data available on the site?

You may retrieve data for the last 12 months.

  • What do I have to do to retrieve information older than 12 months?

To retrieve information older than the last 12 months, please contact our Customer Service and we will try to fulfil your request as soon as possible. Please note that such request may be charged.

  • Can I choose the language I wish to use on the site?

English, French and Dutch are available on the website. Please note that when enrolling for this website, the choice of your language is definitive and will be used for all other communications such as Statements, e-mail statements notifications,...

  • I have another Visa/MasterCard Card via my bank, why can't I register this card?

The site "MyWebReporting" is only available for Visa/MasterCard Corporate Cards, issued by AirPlus International SA/NV.

  • I have a Visa/MasterCard 'Related Card' issued by BCC Corporate but cannot register to MyWebReporting

Indeed, the 'Related Card' is a Consumer Card meant for private expenses.  MyWebReporting only supports Coporate Cards issued by AirPlus International SA/NV which are meant for professional expenses. We apologize for the inconvenience?

Access and registration questions for Card Users


  • I am not familiar with the navigation through MyWebReporting - Is there a User Guide for Card Users ?

Please check here the User Guide for Card Users

  • What happens if I receive a new Card? Do I have to make a new registration ?

You do not have to make a new registration if you receive a new card when:

  1. Your Corporate Card has been replaced because of expiration date
  2. Your previous Card has been blocked  

You have to make a new registration when you receive a new customer reference mentioned on your statement. This will happen only if you introduce a new Card Application Form due to a transfer of division or a new employer.

  • What is my customer reference and what do I do if I cannot find my customer reference?

Your customer reference is always mentioned on your statement at the upper right. The reference contains 11 characters

The 2 first characters are always the CH letters

The 9 following characters are numbers

If you never received any statement, please send an email to services.BE@airplus.com.

  • How do I have to introduce the expiry date of my Corporate Card?

You have to introduce the expiry date as mentioned on your Corporate Card, this means first month and then year

  • What is the "username"?

The username is your e-mail address you will use each time to log in to the MyWebReporting website from AirPlus International SA/NV.

  • Password and confirm password?

You will use the password each time to log into the MyWebReporting website.

The password is strictly confidential and must contains at least 10 characters.

We will ask you to re-enter the password to avoid any mistakes. Please note that the password is case sensitive.

  • Advice on choosing a secure password / How to choose a safe password:

The password has to contain minimum 10 characters and comply with at least 3 out of the 4 following rules:

  1. at least one upper case character
  2. at least one lower case character
  3. at least one numerical character
  4. at least one of the following special characters: !@#$<,{;(%^&*)}:>.?/+-_=|'][~"

Here are some guidelines to choose a safe password and to keep it safe:

  • It is important that your password is and must remain PERSONAL.
  • Never use a password that you have used earlier.
  • Never change your password by just changing one letter of your former password.
  • Avoid the use of easy names such as family, your wife, your own name, etc..
  • Avoid the use of terms that can be found in the dictionary. The reason for this is that there is a spreading number of password hacking programs that will parse entire word-lists to try and find the right word that will work.
  • By making your password a combination of letters (such as: URgr8! Which you can read and remembered as 'You are grea'), you help maintaining the security of the data. 
  • Text in the image

For security purpose and to prevent hacking, we ask you to enter the text mentioned in the image. The text in the image is deliberately difficult to read, which helps prevent automatic hacking.

  • Help, my password is not working:

You entered your password but could not get access to the system.

Some guidelines:

  • Check if your num-lock is on and your caps-lock is off. Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • If you cannot identify the exact cause of your problem, you can require a reset of your password using the "Forgot Password" menu.  
  • If you have introduced a wrong password, please follow the 'Forgot Password' procedure
  • ! For security reasons, we ask you to choose a password that is different from any of your 5 previous passowrds.
  • What do I have to do if I have forgotten my password?

If you do not remember your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the Main page.

  • My password will soon expire. What do I need to do ?

Your password is valid for 90 days. 14 days before its expiry date, you will receive a warning message asking you to change your password. You need to be logged-in to do so.

Please click on the the 'Welcome' menu on the right of your screen and select 'Change password' and follow the procedure.

  • My password had expired. What do I need to do ?

Please click on 'Forgot password' menu on the home page and follow the procedure.


Access and registration questions for Card Managers:
  • I am not familiar with the navigation through MyWebReporting - Is there a User Guide for Card Managers ?

Please check here the User Guide for Card Managers

  • How do I install the Certificate on my PC ?

Please follow the instructions detailed in the installation manual here.

  • How do I install the Certificate on my Mac ?

Please follow the instructions detailed in the installation manual here.

  • How do I renew my Certificate ?

Your Certificate is valid for 2 years. You will receive a notificatoin e-mail 60/30/6 days before your certificate expires. You need to be logged-in as Card Manager.

Please click on the 'Welcome' menu on the right hand of your screen and select 'Renew your Certificate' and follow the procedure.

  • Which Reports are available at Company level ?

Within each company several hierarchical levels can be identified. For each of them, several reports are available depending of the type of contract.


Card Managers can enroll for  MyWebReporting on any level above the cardholder. The available reports will be ones that fall hierarchically under it. The following hierarchical levels are:

The top-level corresponds to the company itself and links all the different entities. The sub-top-level can be used for creating BRS-files for all the different entities. At this level, the BRS is the only available report. On the entity-level the following reports are available:

  •    Daily BRS
  •    Monthly BRS

(For an easy read of the Daily/Monthly BRS reports, check here for the TXT/XLS converter)

  • Company Corporate Card List : this report is provided only for possible update purposes. We would be grateful if you could notify us of any change in Card Holder's data.
  • Reminders/current recall for Cards with individual liability
  • Company Spending Totals by Card List
  • Statements for Cards with central billing
  • Monthly SAP Reports

! Details about the information provided with these Reports are available in the above Card Manager's User Guide

The statements for the cardholders with individual liability cards are available at Card holder level.

The statements for the cardholders with central billed cards are available at Card level.

The Online Consultation is available on the entity and cardholder level.

  • What is a Merchant Category Code?

A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number used by the banking industry to classify suppliers into market segments. There are approximately 800 MCCs that denote various types of business (e.g., 4121 Taxicabs/limousines,5111 Office Supplies,7311 Advertising Services,..)

The MCC code present in the BRS file allows you to filter transactions by expenses type & facilitate reporting. Download the MCC list in pdf format here.